janvier 16, 2016

On her finger.

On her head.

In this Ilford film box.

Everywhere on this girl.

In this "coolest" print ad I ever seen.

In this Harrington pin's for Nike.

In this perfect combination.

In this kind of typography.

On these pillows.

In this combination.

On this tag.

In these guys, look...

On your shoulders with this leather jacket.

In the parisian light during winter.

In this picture shot by a master of streetphotography.

On a broken screen.

In this kind of stuff.

In this simple combination.

On this vintage cap.

On his head.

In grimaces.

In these colors.

Everywhere here, style gold medal of the month.

In these guys, simple and perfect, the opposite of the Pitti people.

In his position.

In this frame.

On this striped shirt.

On this table.

On her nose.

On this ceiling.

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