janvier 20, 2016

In this combination.

On their heads and shoulders.

In this stupid game.

In these colors.

Near theses socks.

Surely inside this book?

In readers.

In these matchsticks boxes.

In this extract.

Inside this strange box.

Still in fur Paraboot.

In this picture.

Under this patch.

In this typography.

Between his hands.

Everywhere here.

In these colors.

On the left of course.

In Jacques Chirac during diner.

In this nerdy logo.

In this custom wallet, tested and approved.

In this guy.

In this strange logo.

In this large sweater.

In these pockets.

Not in fake bowties.

On this incredible painting.

In this simple and perfect combination.

Still not in the Kinfolf aesthetic.

In this stupid game too.

Inside this hand.

In this haircut.

Everywhere here.

Under this dog.

In this kind of purple.

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