mars 02, 2015

In this colors.

In these team picture.

On this ring.

In the position of her feet.

In Burberry trenchcoat plus nothing.

In this new collection of Snoopy caps made by Ebbets Field.

In this vandal graffiti.

In this kind "hiking" rope used on this La Contrie bag.

In Mariano Rubinacci much more than his son.

In his dirty Patagonia jacket.

On this Filson jacket.

In this combination.

On this bottle.

Not in "brand new" workwear or motorcycle clothes.

In this typography.

février 25, 2015

I hope in this campaign that I shot for the cult indian jewelry shop named Harpo.
This is an ironic campaign about the "look I'm a hobo but I've never left Paris" trend. 
I hope you will like it, see all the pictures here.

février 20, 2015

In this nano aquarium.

In this vintage coat.

In these Lightning Bolt boards.

Near these guys.

On her shoulders.

In a necessary dose of vulgarity.

On his back.

In ihs position.

Surely inside this school.

In this illustration.

Not in this unpteenth video with a skater for a luxuous brand, here Louis Vuitton.

On this button once again.

In this collection.

On this vintage sweatshirt.

On this board of course.

février 16, 2015

I hope in this selection that I made for Boldjack.

In this typography.

In this colors.

On this skin illustrated by Fuzi.

In these stones.

On this ping pong ball.

In this kind of stuff.

In this ray of light.

Inside this book.

Inside this Rolex.

In this monkey light made by Lalanne.

In this combination made at Jinji shop.

On this stool.

In the combination of these frekles and eyes. 

Around your neck with this neck.

février 12, 2015

in this vintage jacket that you can find here.

On this one also.

In this landscape.

In these stones.

Inside this bag.

In these vintage Levi's jackets.

Not under her.

In her position.

On your jacket with this.

In Kristine Froseth more than ever.

In this typographic work.

In this logo.

In the combination of white shirt and sunglasses in the mouth.

Not in this attitude of "I'm smoking I'm cool".

In these colors.