avril 21, 2015

In this nano aquarium.

Between his hands.

Not in this kind of short lapels.

In front of this Rolls Royce.

In this kind of leather.

On this tag.

In this haircut.

In this jeans.

Inside this typical "brasserie" plate.

In these kitsch Versace glasses.

In this strange picture.

In asiatic dragons.

In cactus, look.

Inside this book of course.

In this classic combination.

On these small knives.

In these strange shoes.

Not at the end of this legs.

In this instrument but still not in "indoor beanie".

Surely inside these books.

avril 15, 2015

In this lookbook Spring Summer 2015 that I shot for the shop Jinji.
Inspired by the french gangsters of the seventies like Jacques Mesrine,
I decided to put myself in the shoes of a spy with a vintage camera and a zoom to shoot
the models exactly like in a tailing.
This lookbook features incredible brands that it's hard to find in Paris like
Orslow, Jinji, Post O'alls, Brown's Beach, Todd Snyder, Engineered Garments but also
classic ones like Levi's Vintage Clothing, Lee, Ralph Lauren Denim&Supply 
and a lot of vintage stuff.
Just click on the pics to see it in a proper way.
Feel free to share it and ask me if you need anything.

avril 13, 2015

In this sentence.

In this pattern.

Inside this book.

In her position.

On this cover.

In pointed heels again.

On this denim jacket.

On this wall.

On this table.

In this typography.

In Larry Flint's golden wheelchair.

In black cats.

In this kind of stuff.

Not in this Ruben's painting.

But in this one.

On the floor.

Less and less in club chair.

In this round collar shirt.

On his shoulders.

On this skateboard.