juin 23, 2016

Inside this book.

In this typography.

On this bags.

In this Togo.

On this card.

On this surfboard.

On her shoulders.

In this old picture.

In this kind of helmet.

In this corner.

On the right.

Under this chair.

In this kind of picture.

In velvet once again.

In this patch.

In this painting.

On his shoulders.

In NASA stuff.

In this pair of Vans.

In this light.

In the work of Vivian Sassen once again.

In this kind if tree.

On this shirt.

On this swim trunk.

In this restaurant, tested and approved.

In this album of course.

In this character.

In vintage tv.
Inside this aquarium.

In these victory tattoos.

juin 21, 2016

In this tumblr named J'aime bien.
A collection of beautiful paintings from contemporaries artists
 like Chantal Joffe to the sixties masters like Alex Katz.

juin 11, 2016

In this typo.

In this perfect combination.

Inside this car of course.

In these sunglasses.

In this illustration.

In roll-up sleeves.

On this flipper.

On this Rolex.

In this background.

Inside this book.

In one piece swimsuit.

In Miki Dora forever.

On her head.

In this position.

Inside this book.

In this difficult combination.

In this shape.

On this Louis Vuitton bag.

In her earrings.

In this perfect combination once again.

Inside this cafe, tested and approved.

In her dress.

On this finger.

In this typography.

In spanish gentlemen's club.

In this color.

In this track.

On this vintage Pierre Frey pattern.

In these summer colors. 

Inside this famous surf book.