novembre 29, 2015

In this chimayo vest.

In this typography.

Inside this book.

Between these hands.

In this jokey's portrait.

On here shoulders.

On this vintage sweater.

In her hands.

In this haircut.

Surely inside this vintage bag.

In this kind of jewelry.

In this fabric.

On this sweater.

In these birds.

In this drawing.

On this Filson backpack.

In this stupid drawing.

In these golden accessories. 

In these pair of shoes.

Inside this denim jeans.

In this really simple Nike sweater.

Under this glass.

Inside this classic down vest.

Everywhere here.

On this old french coin.

On this motorcycle denim vest.

Surely inside this house.

In the exhibition "Visa pour l'image".

In his position.

In these few words written by Chris Kontos.

novembre 22, 2015

In this stripe jacket.

In this new face named Rachel Cook.

In this classic haircut forever.

On this bag.

On this donkey.

In these shirts.

In this ugly beanie.

On her shoulders.

In these colors.

In this typo.

In this mess.

On this map.

On the floor

Everywhere here.

Under this hat.

In this corner.

In this suede jacket.

Inside this simple bathroom.

In these colors.

In Retrospecs glasses.

On this simple and perfect floor.

On her head.

In front of this window.

In this simple combination/

Around his neck.

In this typo.

Under these scarves.

On the wall.

Less and less in Snoopy everywhere.

On your shoulders with this vest.