janvier 24, 2015

In her nose

In the punched Monet paintings.

In this drawing.

Inside this notebook.

On this girl.

In this portrait of Alberto Giacometti.

In this album.

In this Anders Petersen's book.

In these kind words from the excellent blog Put This On.

In Chimayo vest, please contact me if you see one in L.

In this combination.

In Julian Schnabel a long time ago.

In this little guy.

In these colors.

On his fingers.

Still in black walls.

On this table.

Not on this boring guy.

In these old couple.

janvier 19, 2015

Inside this book named "Lexicon of cycling book".

In this classic cowishan.

In this illustration.

On this blanket.

On this ugly car.

In this combination.

Behind these legs.

In his jacket.

In this vintage car.

Inside these little things.

On this jacket.

In this vintage Snoopy sweatshirt that I really need (contact me if you find it please).

In this typography.

In this coat.

In this typography.

On this ring.

In this sad gif.

Still in these patterns.

Inside this garden house.

In this famous trio.

In this pair of shoes.

Everywhere here.

In this combination.

On this table.

Everywhere here too.

In this famous logo.

On her white sneakers.

On his shoulders.

janvier 10, 2015

As you necessary noticed (because you are completely addict to this blog)
 I closed the Facebook page, cool oblige... 
See you on my Instagram page.

janvier 08, 2015

Something not cool labeled "cool" slipped inside this selection.
Can you spot it?