avril 24, 2016

In golden stuff.

Surely here.

On this old parisian stairs.

In mermaids forever.

On this scarf.

In this patch.

Surely in this book.

In this typography.

In this one too. 

On this funny umbrella.

In these socks.

Between his hands.

In this color combination

In this kind of t-shirt.

In this famous designer couple.

Around his neck.

In her hand.

On this man.

In this perfect glasses.

Inside this magazine, trust me.

Here of course.

In this illustrations.

In this color.

Inside this book.

In this beautiful old boat.

In this kind of decoration.

In her leather pants.

In this combination.

In "domingo"

avril 17, 2016

In Adidas jackets.
I don't know why but I'm sure something is happening there.
My favorite one go to the first and last picture.

avril 11, 2016

Inside this car.

Behind this shaper.

In souvenir jackets, once again.

On this Rolex.

During this race.

In this chair.

Inside this incredible book. 

In this combination of colors.

Under this beautiful girl.

In this typography.

In these words.

On her shoulders.

In this combination worn by the genius William Eggleston.

In this turtleneck.

In this golden surfboard.

In these shoes.

On her nose.

In large ties.

In this car.

In Jacues Marie Mage sunglasses.

In this simple combination.

In this very cool ad.

In this illustration.

In this shape.

On this map.

Near these plants.

Everywhere here, even in the light.

On these shirts.

In faded indigo forever.

In this typography.