octobre 21, 2014

In these horse shoe rings

On this tag.

Not in fake trend anymore, ugly real ones are better.

In her swimsuit.

On these chairs.

In pocket square, have a look here.

In this turquoise.

In this vintage reproduction of Louison Bobet jersey.

Near this beautiful A1 jacket.

In this simple combination.

In this typography.

In this fabrics.

On this Sierra Design's team picture.

On his shirt.

In this illustration.

octobre 14, 2014

In this very simple Rolex.

In this famous illustration.

In this surf movie.

On this vintage double breasted jacket.

In the position of Camille Rowe.

Surely in this brand from California.

On this towel.

Behind this mask.

In this simple fly fishing kit made by Patagonia.

On this handkerchief.

On the cover of this old book.

In this typography.

On this picture.

In the illustrations of Raymond Pettibon. 

In these Alden longwings.

septembre 01, 2014

In Diana Vreeland.
Diana Vreeland had sharp eyes and used it 
as a fashion editor for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. 
She was a visionary in the fashion's microcosm, 
far from the Wintour, Roitfeld etc...
The documentary made in 2012 and named "The eye has to travel" is perfect 
if you want to know more about this extraordinary lady.

août 26, 2014

In this old ad.

Inside this room.

In this old picture.

In the color of this BD shirt.

In these differents baseball hats.

Behind this paint.

In these three pairs of socks.

In this ugly suit but only if you are Jeff Koons (He has invented the normcore tailoring).

In these albums of Mac DeMarco.

Inside the magazine Pédale.

On these old packagings.

In this typography.

On this table.

In this combination.

On this Tiki cocktails menu.