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Affichage des articles dont le libellé est cap. Afficher tous les articles

avril 09, 2014

Near this button.

In this typography.

On your head with this cap.

In the colors of these flowers.

On this studded belt.

Inside these books.

Everywhere on this girl.

In this Alden x Frans Boone.

In this trail shirt made by Batten.

In this guy from les Puces de Clignancourt.

More and more in colored hair.

In this beautiful illustration.

In this perfect combination.

Everywhere on this guy.

Inside this swimming pool.

avril 03, 2014

In this guy, style gold medal of the month.

In this kind of decoration, bye-bye industrial etc...

In this nice leather belt.

In these colors.

On his head.

In this patch.

In this ugly but funny illustration.

In these white sneakers.

Everywhere on this guy (Erratum: this is the gold medal!)

In this tomboy combination.

On this Champion x Todd Snyder long sleeves t-shirt.

In this complexity of wearing this kind of cap.

In these wax boxes.

In Mr Harrison forever.

In her position.

octobre 21, 2013

In this jacket.

In this simple cardigan surely made by 45rpm.

In Talon zipper forever.

In these kind of caps.

On your nose with this incredible colored sunglasses.

Inside this box for sure.

In this pink souvenir jacket.

Still in anatomic decoration.

Near this ashtray from the 60''.

In this illustration for LVC.

In this Chrome Hearts ring.

In Edita Vilkeviciute and her jacket.

In this picture.

In simple flowers.

In this incredible MF collection. Once again yes...

septembre 09, 2013

In this leather and canvas bag by Todd Snyder.

Everywhere here.

On his head, of course.

In this ukulélé lesson.

In this type.

In this incredible team picture.

In this messy decoration.

In her hand.

In this picture of Bruce Davidson.

On his large and short pant.

Precisely here.

In this classic chambray shirt.

On these frying pans.

In this combination of colors.

In this girl and her colored hair (maybe one of the most beautiful one I ever seen).