décembre 20, 2015

In this portait of Giacometti.

Inside this book once again.

On the left.

In this classic military jacket.

In this picture.

On this large mirror. 

On their heads.

In these vintage bikes.

Around this wrist.

Around this girl.

In his position.

In leather pants.

Behind this light.

Maybe in this closed cocktail club.

In this guy.

In this carpet.

On this bag.

On this floor.

In this typography.

On her shoulders.

In this pair of shoes.

Between Avedon's hands.

In this wall.

In this color.

In these pillows that I made with vintage african fabric.

Inside this book.

In this funny picture made by Husbands.

In this cover.

In these beautiful illustrations.

In cowishans during winter forever.

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