décembre 13, 2015

In this fabric.

On this van.

In these shirts.

On his nose.

Near these guys.

Inside this bag.

In these chairs.

In the corner.

On this pair of Tricker's.

In this kind of stuff.

In perempted film sometimes. 

In these little guys.

In this painting.

Inside this book for sure.

On your fingers with these rings.

In this strange table.

Still not in "I'm cool with a cigarette" attitude.

In this fur coat.

In this funny picture.

In these man combs.

In this position.

In Peaky Blinders of course.

During this race.

In this typography.

On his head.

In this kind of stuff.

In this unsympathetic animal.

Not in these over rated In & Out burgers.

In this special Rollei 35.

On her shoulders.

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