janvier 05, 2016

In this Rolex even if you saw it one million times.

On this wall.

On their shoulders.

In this typography.

In this point of view.

In front of this.

In these walls.

Not in the total denim look but sometimes it works.

In this painting.

Less and less in that kind of still life.

In this combination.

On her knee.

On this table and this giant couch.

In the Jpress Shaggy Dog once again.

In these kind of glasses.

Near this kind of patches.

In Arthur of course.

In this small painting.

On his head.

Not in this too perfect "country house" decoration.

Less and less in the taxidermy stuff, choose the right one...

Not in this kind of boring illustration.

Here of course.

In these trees.

In this colors.

In his hand.

Inside this car.

On this mattress.

Everywhere here.

On this guy.

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