septembre 11, 2015

In this new issue of Kennedy.
I hope you will like the interview that I did of Michel Fink, 
the owner of Le Comptoir de l'Image.

Everywhere here.

In this perfect combination. 

In the incredible pictures of Bulent Kiliç.

In this stone, still.

On her shoulders.

Inside this metal box.

Not in this umpteenth luxe brand ad with a skateboard.

In this pair of shoes.

On this album cover.

In this illustration.

On this team picture.

Not in this kind of boring stuff.

In this color and fabric.

Under this hat.

In these books of course.

In this colors.

On her head.

Inside this book of Henry Miller.

In these kind of stockings.

In these leather skins at Rondini in St Tropez.

In RRL suits, tested and approved.

On his nose.

In this flower vase of Shiro Kuramata made in 1989.

In vintage souvenir jackets, not the Louis Vuitton ones...

In this Sunspel perfect outfit.

In Eggleston forever.

On their heads.

In this typography.

In this kind of stuff.

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