septembre 04, 2015

In this Alex Singer bike.

In this water painting.

In this combination.

Inside this box, tested and approved.

On his arm.

In this chambray jacket.

In this combination of haircut, glasses and lipstick.

In Gerry Lopez forever.

Under this girl.

In these hand painted paddle.

In these Hersey sneakers.

On this door.

In this illustration.

In this kind of inflatable stuff.

In these kilim pillow.

Under these roofs.

In this pocket square.

Near this pool.

In this vintage shirt made by Reyn Spooner.

In this Rolex ad.

Inside this picture of Peter Lindbergh.

In this illustration.

Everywhere here.

On their shoulders.

In these vintage bottles.

Between her hands.

In this color.

In this typography.

In William Klein pictures of Tokyo.

Near this chair.

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