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Affichage des articles dont le libellé est movies. Afficher tous les articles

mai 20, 2014

In the movie Le Grand Bleu made in 1988 by Luc Besson 
and inspired from the apneists Jacques Mayol and Enzo Maiorca.

avril 02, 2013

Surely inside this box.

In these Converse Chuck Taylor 70" model.

In these perfect spectator shoes.

In this italian restaurant named Ciasa Mia in Paris.

On this little guy.

Surely during the shooting of Django.

In these fishing floaters.

On this vintage bag.

Near the head of this Daspletosaurus made by a non-profit clothing group called ''Povertees''.

In these green Russell Moccasins.

On the floor.

Behind Rambo.

In Barbara Palvin and her Burberry duffle coat.

Behind this chair.

Around this light.

janvier 09, 2013

In "fur collar coats".
As you can see since these last winters, I'm a bit obsessed by that kind of coats.
Ranch coats, Paletots "tiencho" or Canadienne, I like all these names... then I decided to hunt these kind of pieces this winter and I found beautiful vintage stuff. You will see at then end of this post, a beautiful Canadienne type Maquis from 1940. 
The collar and the lining is made with sheepskin, there is also a quilted lining and beautiful finitions like the leather buttons. It's in very good condition except the collar as you can see on the pictures.
Size is L (For people between 1m80 and 1m90).
52cm from shoulder to shoulder
56cm for the sleeves
59 for the front waist.

Price is 125$ and 25$ for the shipping. Email me if you are interested.
The Jett Rink Ranch Coat worn in 1956 by James Dean in Giant.
The reproduction made by Bench&Loom.
A large collar made by The Real Mc Coy's.
A page from Spiegel Catalog in the 30".
 A "slim" version by Needles.
A beautiful piece made by JC Penney.
Here is the Canadienne that I'm selling.

I really like this patina and the interior of the sleeves.
Unfortunately, the collar is not pefect...
You can see here the coat in an old Manufrance catalog from the 40".

décembre 17, 2012

In these ghanaian movie posters, 100% handmade.