janvier 09, 2013

In "fur collar coats".
As you can see since these last winters, I'm a bit obsessed by that kind of coats.
Ranch coats, Paletots "tiencho" or Canadienne, I like all these names... then I decided to hunt these kind of pieces this winter and I found beautiful vintage stuff. You will see at then end of this post, a beautiful Canadienne type Maquis from 1940. 
The collar and the lining is made with sheepskin, there is also a quilted lining and beautiful finitions like the leather buttons. It's in very good condition except the collar as you can see on the pictures.
Size is L (For people between 1m80 and 1m90).
52cm from shoulder to shoulder
56cm for the sleeves
59 for the front waist.

Price is 125$ and 25$ for the shipping. Email me if you are interested.
The Jett Rink Ranch Coat worn in 1956 by James Dean in Giant.
The reproduction made by Bench&Loom.
A large collar made by The Real Mc Coy's.
A page from Spiegel Catalog in the 30".
 A "slim" version by Needles.
A beautiful piece made by JC Penney.
Here is the Canadienne that I'm selling.

I really like this patina and the interior of the sleeves.
Unfortunately, the collar is not pefect...
You can see here the coat in an old Manufrance catalog from the 40".

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