Affichage des articles dont le libellé est dehen. Afficher tous les articles
Affichage des articles dont le libellé est dehen. Afficher tous les articles

janvier 10, 2014

Under this blanket.

Inside this car for sure.

On this table.

In this perfect jacket made by Peter Plotnicki, the man behind Merz B. Schwanen.

In this Andersen & Andersen sweater.

On this tag of a Dehen letterman.

In her position.

On your shoulders with this long camel coat.

Around his neck.

In fur, still.

In these colors.

In this checked shirt made by Kapital.

In this Navajo jewelry forever.

On old men tatooed.

décembre 19, 2012

On this girl thanks to her Sunset shirt and her belt.
In this marmelade.
Near these tags.
In these cardigans from the 70" and the 50".
In this Eddie Bauer sweater from the 80".
In the story of the RL Bear.
In these kind of belts.
In this illustration made by Dennis Sire.
 In these globes.
 In this incredible brand.
In his mouth.
Under this summer hat when you wear it during winter.
Near these two gentlemen. 
On the head of Marc Veyrat.
In this illustration of the Push Pin Studio.

juin 25, 2012

Under this tag.
Still in this kind of stuff.
On your shoulders with a B15A.
On this calicot pattern.
In this lyrics written by Pierre Vassiliu.
In this collaboration between Cassina and Le Corbusier.
On this type.
In this picture I don't know why.
In this Jet Rink Ranch Coat made by Stevenson Overall and Bench&Loom.
In this kind of decoration.
Near this madras and denim reversible jacket.
On this boat of course.
Everywhere here.
In this naked shoulder.
Near this vintage skate collection.

février 24, 2012

In the beautiful Dehen1920 line of reproduction that Dehen, the Portland based company, launched last october. This pure american brand was a pioneer concerning 1930’s Motorcycle club sweaters (with Champion), 40’s school sweaters, cardigans, varsity jacket in American Bison leather and 50’s car coats in 24oz Pendleton wool…

It is rare nowadays to see such an homogenic collection of quality products manufacturated in the respect of history. It’s unecessary to keep on talking about them, these items speak for themselves.