janvier 26, 2017

Inside Holiday Café.

In this logo.

Behind this girl.

On her earrings.

In this pink.

On this strange chair.

Behind the window.

In this colors combination.

In very short hair.

On her nose.

In this cowishan forever.

On this picture of Meyerowitz.

In this funny denim trousers.

In vintage sexy calendars.

In this colors.

On her shoulders.

In this velvet suit.

In this Nautica sweater.

In this kind of greek sculpture.

In this sacred heart.

In this kind of windows.

Everywhere here.

In these socks.

In this blanket.

In this haircut and around his neck.

On this cover.

In this geek clothing jacket.

In this fabric.

In this typography.

On these doors.

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