janvier 16, 2017

In this old car.

In this purple.

In this purple too.

In this incredible picture.

Less and less in these too expensive camera.

In this strange architecture.

Behind these dirty windows.

In this kind of pajama.

In this combination.

In nail art once again.

In her neck sweater.

In these socks of course.

Here of course.

In this Brown Beach jacket (I know it, it's mine).

On their head.

In this typography.

Around this table I guess.

 In this mess.

At the Golden Temple.

In this simple and perfect pair of shoes.

In this book forever.

Around her neck.

In white trousers during winter.

In this guys.

On this kind of albums.

Inside this plate.

On this film.

In this perfect sofa.

Along this road.

In this drawing.

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