mars 06, 2016

In this typography.

On her shoulders.

In this logo.

In this position.

In this plant.

In classic and simple heels.

Surely inside this book.

On this coin.

In this coat.

In these pink flamingo.

In this piece of Fulvio Bianconi.

Inside this old Ferrari.

In black sweater.

On this painting.

In this kind of layering.

In a punched Monnet.

Still in the art of Kintsukuroi.

In this color.

In this typography/

In these playing cards.

On this beach fire. 

In this place.

Not in these too perfect vintage couple.

In this office.

In very long board.

In this kind of colors.

In reading girls.

In this combination.

In black sweater, once again.

In this perfect and simple combination.

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