mars 13, 2016

In these unbelievable prices.

On this hat.

Less and less in this kid of leather jacket.

On his shoulders.

More and more in that kind of style.

Surely inside this simple country house.

In this color.

In sweater inside your jeans.

In this wonderful photobook.

In this funny campaign shot by Juergen Teller.

On these socks.

In this combination.

In this simple bag.

In this typography.

In this famous sculpture.

In the brasserie Bouillon Racine but not inside the plates.

In this rings.

Inside this room.

On this cup.

In this kind of light.

In the best Bellini in the world at the Harry's Bar in Venice.

In the Venetians.

Inside this books.

On this cover.

In this perfect drawing of Eugène Delacroix.

Inside this bottle, tested and approved.

Still in the real Brown's Beach vest.

In this Lardini coat.

In this position.

In this vintage camera.

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