février 03, 2016

Under these feet.

In these pillows.

In this Champion sweater.

In this color.

Inside this book.

In this kind of corduroy.

In this perfect portrait of Francis Bacon by Peter Beard.

Inside this magazine sometimes.

In this kind of stuff.

Not in "plastic" Perfecto.

On this ring.

In this color.

On her shoulders.

In the art direction of this cult photobook with bad pictures inside.

In these buttons.

In this strange collar.

In this typography.

On this chair.

In this scrapbook.

On this vintage Filson tote bag.

In this leather jacket.

Inside these small japanese plates.

On this fire.

On this table.

In this plate that you can have Chez Denise, tested and approved.

In this fancy motorcycle.

In these soles.

In these colors.

In this incredible picture.

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