février 09, 2016

In this simple combination.

On this road.

On this picture.

Inside this hand.

In this vintage Lafuma backpack.

On his head.

In these perfect drawings.

In this simple typography.

On their shoulders.

In these Air Jordan VIII colors.

In this room.

Hopefully in this picture.

On this car in St Ouen.

Less and less in that kind of floor.

On his shoulders.

Inside this magazine apparently.

Everywhere here.

Only in her Lacoste sweater.

Around his neck.

In this incredible picture.

On the back of this jacket, look.

In this man.

Not here.

In that kind of ring.

In her oversized shirt.

In this vest.

In these colors.

On this painting.

In this funny illustration.

Behind this old machine.

In this concert poster.

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