février 21, 2016

On her lips.

In this funny Patagonia's pullover.

In this combination.

Still in team picture.

In this beautiful illustration.

In this kind of sky.

In this O.Ballou polo, tested and approved.

In Pamela Anderson since a long long time, look here.

In this bar position.

On her shoulders.

In this kind of jacket.

In this perfectly simple phone.

On these Alden shoes.

In this vintage phone position.

Around his neck.

In this combination thanks to Seven Sisters.

In this black taco, tested and approved.

In my new mini camera.

Surely there.

In Stussy when it's worn by a old man.

On his head.

In freckles forever.

In this picture of Lasse Martinussen.

In this leather jacket.

On this famous picture.

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