février 16, 2016

Behind this window.

In pretty girls with junk food.

In this sad picture.

In flowers inside a weapon case.

Not inside this boring magazine named Desillusion.

In colored aviator glasses for girls.

Not in their short trench.

In this beautiful picture shot by Trent Parke.

Not in the systematic association of luxury items with fruit, vegetables etc...

On his shoulders.

In this combination.

On his head.

In this few words written by Salinger.

Inside this hot swimming-pool.

In this kind of stuff.

On her head even if there is a real Snoopy overdose these days.

On this desk.

Everywhere here.

In this painting.

On this chair.

Inside this tree house.

In that kind of jacket.

On this man, style gold medal of the month.

On her shoulders and inside her bag.

In white coat in winter.

In this typography.

In this old ad.

In the combination of leather jacket and striped jersey.

6 commentaires:

  1. You realise the picture of Glen Gould is from the 1950s?

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