novembre 11, 2015

In this illustration.

Near these stairs.

In this combination.

In this room.

On country roads.

In this outlaw camp.

Around your wrist with this black Rolex.

In this light.

In this little collection.

In your pocket with these classic douk-douk.

In Howard Hugues forever.

On this painting.

In this picture of Klein.

In this Leica.

On this ring.

On your shoulders with this M47 from 1950.

On his finger.

Near this cloud.

Under this blanket.

In this car.

Not in Wakouwa shoes anymore (made in Taiwan no more in Tokyo).

In Roland Topor forever.

In these shoes.

In this illustration.

In this open button.

On this jacket.

In this kind of embroideries.

On her head, look.

In these colors.

Not here of course.

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