novembre 05, 2015

Around this fire.

Everywhere here.

In these illustrations.

Inside this bottle.

In morning selfie only.

On the grass.

In this portrait.

In this patch.

In bubbles forever.

Inside this vinyl shop.

Near this barber.

In these simple Reebok sneakers.

In this complicated combination.

Not in cheap Perfectos.

In her pants.

At the back of this neoretro vintage car.

In this video game.

In this illustration.

On her head and on her shoulders.

On this minimoped.

In this winter meal.

In this simple vest.

On this jacket.

Not in ananas, watermelon and all these fruits trends during winter.

In this blanket.

In wood walls.

In this color.

In this strange sculpture.

Not in smiley anymore, total overdose (prints, advertising, clothes...).

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