octobre 05, 2015

In his mouth.

Inside this plate.

In this camera.

Not in smileys anymore, stop the overdose please.

in front of this chimney.

In this picture of Hiroshi Sugimoto.

In small ray of lights.

On his back.

In this bottle of whisky, tested and approved.

On this funny t-shirt.

In this beautiful vintage bike.

in this tropical jacket.

In this illustation.

Not in beanie indoor.

In this illustration.

Under this hat.

Not in this denim of course.

In this color.

In this fabric.

Everywhere here.

On this boat.

In airstream forever.

In the design of this old camera.

In white during winter.

Around his neck.

On and in this book.

In this kind of old decorated room.

On this table.

In these books.

In this coat.

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