septembre 29, 2015

On their shoulders.

On these walls.

In this famous singer now...

In vintage cycling logo.

In this team.

In his hand.

In this pair of Allen Edmonds.

On your shoulders with this jacket.

In these words about Pantani.

In this leather rope.

Near this swimming pool.

In these shoes made in USA.

Inside this photobook.

In this vintage sweatshirt.

In shoes with polka dot.

Not here.

In her mood.

In her position.

Inside this little book.

Behind her ear.

On this table.

On his head.

In this kind of stuff once again.

In these buttons.

In this couple.

In this kind of family photo album.

On her head.

On these magazines.

Around her finger.

In ugly food picture.

Inside this giant plate.

Behind these menus.

Not here.

In this amplifier.

Not here even if it could be funny at the end.

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