novembre 28, 2012

In this simple combination of chambray and olive green.
In this SSDD puff jacket and his fake Moncler logo.
In this 5 panels New York Hat Co. Herringbone Camp Cap (thanks Well Spent for the tip).
On this dirty floor.
In this drawing.
On this wall.
In this Pre-War Levi’s x Abercrombie Collaboration.
 In these elegants RL bears.
In this combination of summer and winter stuff.
In this Buco leather jacket forever.
On these LVC suspenders, tested and approved.
Not in April 77 and their collection supposed to be a dedication to american heritage. 
Inside these socks.
In these British Remains wool lined chukka in sand color very inspired from the Playboy ones.
Inside and on these gloves.

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