janvier 09, 2012

In the ex-king of Egypt Farouk 1er and his english influences.
Everywhere here.
On this chimney.
In the work of Nick Hance Mc Elroy.
Near these Zonkey boots.
On her head of course.
In these Playboy chukka that you can briefly see in Bullit.
In Wes Anderson even a long time ago.
On this sofa thanks to Helena Christensen and Guy Aroch.
Between the stripes of this Sugar Cane indigo work shirt.
Near this type.
On the shoulders of Lana Del Rey with her Formula One racing team jacket.
Near this Joe McCoy's jean lot 906 and 15oz available at Le Magasin Général.
Not in this ridiculous ad.
On his head and especially on his shoulders.

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