novembre 03, 2011

Somewhere in this cloakroom.
In this kind of donegal pattern.
On his nose with these winter sunglasses.
Between the hands of Christopher Owens.
In their positions.
Near this irregular and classic type.
Not in this album, really not.
On this perfect blue shirt.
Under this tag.
Around your neck with this Hudson's Bay scarf.
In this combination made by South2West8.
On this car.
In a site called "Watch My Back".
Inside this small luggage.
Everywhere here.

8 commentaires:

  1. Ayant déjà vu l'écharpe le 13 avril 2011, j'en conclu qu'elle est définitivement cool!
    Merci encore pour toutes vos inspirations quotidiennes!

  2. Ha! Désolé, j'y tenais!
    Merci pour le message.

  3. Is there a new playlist coming up?

  4. PS: love your site! check it almost everyday.

  5. C'est kapital la ring-coat, pas s2w8!

  6. Excat désolé mon cher Thierry, y en a un qui suit au moins.