novembre 10, 2011

I met Jerry Cohen, the president of Ebbets Field Flannels in a small parisian coffee near my place. We spoke about France and our mutual passion for the Basque Country but most of all about sport and clothes. Here is a small extract of spending one hour with a really cool guy.

Jerry Cohen.

What is your favorite sport ?

I’m really about baseball but concerning the clothes I’m interested in every sports.

What’s your favorite team ever ?

The Seals from San Francisco.

And now ?

The Seattle Mariners because I live there but I’m not a big supporter of the contemporary sport finally, I don’t like their style, they look like billboards.

Here is Jerry's New York Cubans Grounds Crew Jacket.

Do you have a sport hero ?

Mickey Mantle. The boy from the farm who became one of the best players ever. He retired in 1970, completely broken.

Is there a piece in your whole brand that makes you particulary proud ?

The american football jerseys that we just made. It was a big challenge to found the old machines to reproduce it perfectly.

Staten Island Stapletons 1929 Football Jersey.
Boston Shamrocks 1937 Football Jersey.

Is it your favorite cloth ?

Just now yes, but next week it will be a cap of the Moultrie Colts .22s that we just made. The number 22 is very special because the ‘’2’’s are different from each other, we don’t know why but we reproduced in exactly the same way. I love it.

The famous Moultrie Colt 22s Cap.

When I say sport and France, what do you immediatly think ?

Zidane and his head on Materazzi. Soccer is getting more and more important in US now, it’s interesting…

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  1. En complément du remarquable travail de Jerry Cohen, quoi de mieux qu'un beau ballon de football américain!

    Voici le travail de Paul Cunningham:

    Bonne continuation!