octobre 11, 2011

In most of the items used in the last Nicolas Winding Refn's movie, "Drive".
At the end of these Tea Tree Oil toothpicks by Desert Essence and Tea Tree Therapy.
In this custom tailored Levi's blue jacket (vintage).
In this long sleeves henley made by Gap.
In these classic leather driving gloves.
In this Khaki Dockers.
Near this pair of Converse Cruise Control sunglasses.
In this Patek Philippe (be careful it's a replica).
On the license plate of the stolen Mustang GT 5.0.
In this new-old stock henley from 1940's purchased at Mister Freedom's shop.
Everywhere on this Nokia phone (I have exactly the same ah!)
On this workshirt with this beautiful patch.
Near these black leather ankle boots.
Not in the Nino's Rolex replica (really looks too fake).
In this rabbit's foot keychain.
On Bernie's straight razor.
Near this hammer.
In this custom tailored satin jacket very inspired by the souvenir jackets that I posted before, here.
Source : The Golden Closet.

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  1. ps: for the jacket..