avril 13, 2011

In this type.
On this Ebbets Field tee.
Everywhere here.
On this Flat Head white shirt.
Here of course even if I don't like to post many pictures of Mc Queen.
Around your neck with this olympic scarf made by Hudson Bay.
Near these motorcycles.
Less and less in that kind of picture.
Around your wrist with this watch.
Near this swimming pool.
In this kind of marble used for the Castiglioni Arco.
In this kind of instructions.
In her black dress.
On the right.
Around his neck.

3 commentaires:

  1. Face au modèle Skychief de Benrus comme lutter?
    Je me contenterais de ma petite seiko military...

  2. Do you suggest that the cool isn't in Obi Wan Kenobi ? please. :)

  3. ahahah the cool just turned right when he saw this beautiful brown jacket..