juin 11, 2017

Dear readers,
let's face it, nobody read blogs anymore.
Bad news: whereisthecool? is over.
Good news: It is now on Instagram on @_whereisthecool_
Hope to see you there!

mai 30, 2017

In this quote.

Around her head.

On her head.

In this shirt.

Inside this van.

On his shouders.

In original Budweiser clothing stuff.

Inside this magazine.

In this book.

In this color.

In these colors also.

In this logo.

Near this tag.

In this fashion shooting of Bruce Gilden.

In large pants.

Everywhere here.

In this picture of Jonas Marguet for The Plant Magazine.

Inside this aquarium.

In light reflective stuff.

On their shoulders.

In this typography.

In this kind of jewelry.

Inside this bag.

In this typography.

In pajamas, still.

In this kind of glass.

Inside this photobook.

mai 18, 2017

I hope in my project "Space Ipsum" my first exhibition 
at Galerie Yves Gastou.
See you tonight there.

In this lookbook that I shot for one of the best
online shop you can find on the Internet : 
(click on the pictures to see it in good size)

mai 11, 2017

In this interior decoration which is impossible to live in.

In this drawing.

In this typography.

In this quote.

In this ashtray.

On his shoulders.

In this swimsuit.

In these pink shoes.

In this sweater.

In yellow lights.

Inside this Rolex.

In this scrapbook.

Inside this pool.

Still not in smoking.

In this golden typography.

In orange lenses.

In this light.

On this frames.

In this combination.

In this incredible photographer.

In this text.

In high white socks for girls.

Still in this Adidas track suit.

In this Marlboro hip pack.

Everywhere here.

In this picture of Stefanie Moshammer.

In this perfect combination.

In this tshirt.

In Will Ferrel forever.