Affichage des articles dont le libellé est Lindsay Lohan. Afficher tous les articles
Affichage des articles dont le libellé est Lindsay Lohan. Afficher tous les articles

mars 11, 2013

On this famous business card.

Everwhere here.

In dark room.

In the work of Nick Hance Mc Elroy, once again.

Inside this notebook.

In Cecil Beaton forever.

In the Sierra Design 60/40 in the movie Argo.

On this jacket.

In this kind of trousers.

Everywhere here.

In this color.

Near this bomber jacket.

In these very stylish workers.

Still in this type.

In Lindsey Lohan on this Playboy shooting.

janvier 14, 2013

On this tag.
On her left arm.
On this vintage sofa.
On this "one pocket" sportswear tee made by LVC.
Near this stuff.
In this Snoopy sweater made in the 60".
In the last book of mister Rin Tanaka.
In the combination of girl and dress and sneakers.
In this Nike Roshe running shoes.
Everywhere here, especially between his legs.
In this Yuketen Maine Guide.
Still in the work of Aurel Schmidt.
In the Haversack women collection.
In this pattern.
In these buttons and this leather game bag.

décembre 21, 2010

In this Irvin jacket found on Redingote.
On his face.
Behind this guy.
On this sheet of paper.
On the pants of Jackson Pollock.
In Lindsay Lohan don't ask me why.
In this pair of Jpress socks.
In Oscar Niemeyer.
Around her jean without belt.
Near these hiking shoes.
Not here.
In this stuff made by Abbeyhorn.
In this incredible movie.
Inside this expensive Real Mc Coy's pack of tees.
Everywhere here.

octobre 21, 2009

In Yamamoto's bankrupt and in his large pants.
On Gieves & Hawkes brogues.
In this artwork from Leo Fitzpatrick.
In smart horses for Camo's lookbook.
In this pair of Redwings.
Here, in vintage boxing gloves.
In Lindsay Lohan, only on this photo.
Near a 8bit entertainment system.