avril 15, 2017

On her shoulders.

In classic flowers.
In this chair.

In vintage toothpaste.

In this shirt.

In this March LAB alarm.

In this Boglioli combination.

In this bathroom.

Near this rings.

On this tv.

On her shoulders.

In this white shirt and sweatshirt combination.

On her feet.

In ugly nail art don't ask me why.

Everywhere here.

In this glasses but be careful of the overdose.

In dolphins.

Everywhere here.

In this Karl Lagerfeld quote.

In these Paraboot.

In this kind of stuff.

Around his neck.

In this typography.

In this jacket.

Inside this bottle, tested and approved.

In this beautiful picture of Joel Meyerowitz.

In this exhibition.

On this hair brush.

In Playboy's puzzles.

In this branded swimsuit.

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