novembre 19, 2016

On this chair.

In this fake cigarettes box.

In this colors.

In this classic combination.

Here, I know it's sad.

In the work of Todd Hido.

In this suit.

Behind this guy.

In this plate, tested and approved.

Inside this book.

In this kind of ugly erotic drawings.

In this suede jacket.

In vintage Mercedes.

In this tag.

In old tv.

On her shoulders.

In this simple and expensive pair of shoes.

On this cover.

In these guys.

In this collection.

In this typography.

In the combination of horses and snow.

In this kind of stuff.

Between her hands.

In this little guy.

In front of this blue background.

In this winter denim jacket.

In this Adidas sweater.

In this explorators parka.

Surely inside this book.

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