mai 30, 2016

In vintage television.

On this car.

In this gentlemen club.

Surely inside these VHS.

Inside this bed.

In reggae, maybe a new playlist soon.

Near this antenna.

On this bike.

In these boats of course.

In this kind of decoration.

In Adidas jacket.

On his head.

On this blurry picture.

In this velvet curtains.

In this sky.

On this table.

On this white bed.

In this kind of floor.

Not in that kind of stylish illustration anymore, it's boring.

On this cover.

In these simple pair of shoes.

In this simple combination.

In these two dancers.

During this album.

In dog walk.

In windows and green plants. 

In this very expensive photoshoot background.

In this color during summer.

Through this window.

In the art of layering.

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