juillet 07, 2015

Inside this book.

In arm wrestling.

In the genius Roland Topor forever.

On a sailing boat.

In this nineties Budweiser towel.

Near this Merolla custom shirt, tested and approved.

In this combination of colors made by Philippe Jarrigeon.

In this couple, founder of Worn Over Time.

Around Eddy Merckx's neck.

In this painting of Eric Maurus.

In this color.

On your shoulder with this vintage hoodie.

On his hat.

In this illustration.

In this one too.

On his tropical jacket.

During summer 1989 apparently.

In this perfect combination.

Inside this bag and his colored hiking ropes made by La Contrie.

In large hats.

Behind this girl.

In Leon Ware and his colored shirt.

Near her lips.

In this floor but not on it.

In this Mokuyobi Threads patches.

On this coast.

Not in neon typography in art gallery.

In this O.Ballou combination once again.

In this illustration of Antoine Kruk.

In this Snoopy cap of course thanks TSPTR and Ebbets Field Flannels.

Everywhere on this old man.

In this color.

In these cool charms made by The Peyote Bird.

On these turquoises.

In this typography.

In the Vesuvio.

In these victory tattoos.

In white t-shirt forever during summer.

In white t-shirt forever during summer.

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