juillet 24, 2015

In these old and ugly cameras.

Not in the flagship of the parisian gentrification.

In this stripes tshirt forever.

Inside a boat's room.

On her nose.

On a trunk with this sticker.

In these colors.

In this typography.

In the recommendations of François Simon.

On the right (Greg Noll and his famous open beach trunk)

During this scene in Kingsman.

Around Jean Yanne's wrist.

In large hats.

In this position.

On this oil on canvas by John Register.

In this combination.

Near this kind of stuff.

On the right.

In this elephant skin that you can found at Parsac in paris.

At the end of this pier.

In this quote.

In religious print stuff.

In these funny Shark watches.

In this vintage Snoopy tshirt.

On these pair of Stubbs and Wootton.

In the color combination of all the swimsuit made by Triangl.

Inside this weekender.

On this table.

Everywhere here.

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