juin 21, 2015

In this shirt worn by Jacques Anquetil.

On this table.

In black walls, still.

In the expensive drawings of Raymon Pettibon.

In this t-shirt.

On this plate when you go Chez Denise during the night.

In this perfect summer shirt.

In Crème longboard.

Inside this room.

In this combination, thanks Elvis.

In white stuff.

On this table.

In this illustration of nice perfume.

In this Triumph Spitfire MKII.

In this simple pattern.

In this immaculate white shirt.

In this patch.

In this picture, thanks Magnum.

On this sheet of paper.

Around your wrist with this swiss watch.

In this leather jacket made by Mister Freedom.

On this girl.

In this pin up pin's.

In classic Ralph Lauren shirt on girls.

In this combination.

On this Ruben painting.

In these shoes of course.

Not in cigarettes, except Gitanes.

On this collection.

In this perfect shirt, attitude, jewelry... style gold medal of the month.

In this cool summer combination.

In these sketches.

Near these stairs.

In this money clip.

Still in Stubbs and Wooton stuff.

In this beautiful painting.

In this typography.

In this expired picture.

Inside this Mercedes apparently.

In these buttons.

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