juin 01, 2015

Around his neck and around his head.

In this color.

On this wall.

In this combination.

In this typography.

In this colors.

Everywhere here.

In this RRL jacket.

Less and less in this too fashioned fruit.

In nose art forever.

Inside this second hand shop in Hamburg.

In her position.

In this typical italian landscape in Umbria.

In these guys.

In this haircut.

Near these stonemasters.

Not here of course.

Inside this book.

Everywhere here.

In a vinyls collection.

On this handkerchief.

Everywhere on this girl.

In this green plant.

Not in this kind of fake vintage pillows.

Not in this not natural style behind the blond girl.

In this kind of swimsuit.

In this simple camera, tested and approved.

In this painting.

In ponchos, look.

Everywhere here.

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