mai 11, 2015

In these elegant women.

In Antoine D'Agata, one of my favorite photographer.

Not in this kind of mugs.

In these colors.

In this perfect ashtray.

In this typography.

In Fausto Coppi forever.

In Hunter S Thompson in his suit.

In this illustration.

In the Birdwell Beach Britches truck. 

In Johnny Hallyday.

In her style.

In this album.

In this perfect shirt even if it's impossible to find.

In walls with patina.

In this denim shirt.

In sportive girls.

In this illustration.

In Sperry and Wakouwa during summer.

In this cool tattoo.

In this strange Thorens turntables.

In this animal.

In this combination.

Inside these rare magazines, look.

In this type.

2 commentaires:

  1. Life is hard, what you want is not always you get, but do not ever give up, Strive and pray

  2. Tetap semangat untuk terus beraktivitas. Selama masih punya semangat pasti kita akan dapat meraih apa yang kita cita-citakan. Semoga makin sukses dan maju terus