décembre 11, 2014

In this pair of shoes.

In this book.

Inside the Cycling Lexicon.

In this surfcomb made by Saltfish.

In this indigo stuff.

Behind this ties.

In this corduroy cap.

In this combination.

On this cuff.

Still in souvenir jackets.

Not in this sign anymore.

In this position.

In this SupremexNorthFace stupid stuff.

On this boat.

In this pomade packaging.

On this military bag.

In this vintage camping-car.

On this book about the most dangerous surf spot in the world.

In sweet food sometimes.

In this broken Monet. 

Around this face.

In this Norshor leather jacket.

In this typography.

In these colors.

In these pants.

In this combination.

On this board.

Not in this sweater.

Around your neck with this shawl collar cardigan.

In this perfect retro Ferrari. 

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