mai 06, 2014

In Lizzie Garrett.
Tomboy Style is simply one of my favorite blog. 
Far from the world of the fashion blogs and their ''it bags'', each article that Lizzie wrote 
is full of taste and accompanied of beautiful pictures. Menswear, womenswear, local crafts, vintage, unknown or famous brands... everything you need for your inspiration is here girls, and boys.

Here is Lizzie, illustrated by Christine Mitchell Adams.

In a matching family.

In being a maximalist sailor.

In George Harrison's sleeve roll.

In his beret and her parka

In his watch.

In Missy Farmer's tie dye.

In packing light.

In the airplane arms.

In the idea of small but mighty.

In the oversized bandana.

In the perfectly lit poolhall.

In the profile of his hat.

In the ripped hem of his shorts.

In the rolled up sleeves.

In the size of Stills' brim.

In the spirit of the little girl.

In the thick ribbon.

In the zipper of his rain coat.

In Tom Pretty's oxford shirt.

In vintage logos.

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