mars 24, 2014

In Patrick Segui.
Patrick is the man behind the incredible blog Riveted, a kind of encyclopedia of the nicest things 
you can find in vintage. Far from just a "pictures blog", Patrick explains you everything about each item he has collected since a long time. Mr Segui is also a talented artist who has collaborated with Mr Freedom and a passionate about leather with this brand named Norshor Leather (with Mark Fisher), maybe we can resume this as an aesthete.
Here is Patrick (with his Bing Crosby denim tuxedo 
a long time before LVC reproduce it).

Inside Grosz's quintessential book.

Without a doubt with this perfect collab.

When Tardi meets Leo.

Take a wild guess...

Behind these doors.

In Weimar Republic.

Where is the cool? Really..??

Anywhere with Mr C.

In old signage.

When you find your perfect jacket.

In Fernand Leger painting.

Whenever sailing.

In the colors of "Nissa La Bella".

In my studio surrounded by books... Well at least that what I'd like to think. 

With Flynn's wicked ways.

Everywhere with Jean Gabin and Marcel Carne.

Anywhere with Jack.

With my grand father.

At the Minton's with Monk, Howard Mc Ghee, Roy Eldridge and Teddy Hill...

In Dada.

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