mars 10, 2014

In John Lofgren.
John is a californian native who lived in Japan since a long time now.
In the country of the best vintage reproduction, Mr Lofgren is a reference, you just have to take 
a look at his incredible shop named Speedway and his brand John Lofgren & Co. which is 
surely one of the best on the market.

Here is his selection.

In this antique Elgin pocket watch.

In this ring collection.

In this pre-WWII japanese sake cup.

In this WWI era postcard.

In this 1950s newspaper clipping of Kosaka Kazuya talking to Elvis on the phone.

On my wrist (WWII Elgin Type A-11 military wristwatch).

In this 1920s Toonerville Trolley that once belonged to Steve Mc Queen.

In this japanese antique sailor.

In this 1950s planters.

On my office wall.

On my belt as soon as I get this buckle put on it.

On my wrists when using these 1930's cufflinks.

In Dave the Marine, who was cool enough to get this silver dragon jewelry in China in the 1940's.

In the thinking of Antoine de St Exupéry.

In the California mod scene during the 1980s (or it was, I should day).

In this Japanese magazine from 1953 that discusses denim.

In this brass Acme Thundered from England.

In this design of this American made 100+ year old Egyptian Revival style keychain.

In this box (engineer boots made using Badalassi leather from Italy)

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