janvier 27, 2014

In mister Jacques Grosz, more known as Spicyrec.
I recently opened an account on Instagram 
and I discovered this world of pictures and his celebrities.
This is the case of Jacques aka Spicyrec, with more than 6000 followers,
he's a kind of phenomenon in the world of vintage.
Here is his selection.

Inside this german magasine. 

In street art because it's totally free.

In Enki Billal, the comic books genius.

In Ralph Lauren, the king of cool.

In Sly Stone and his music.

In the hip hop band IAM from Marseille.

   In the world's most elegant and beautiful girl.

In the music of Quasimoto, Madlib...

In the whole work of Keith Haring.

In these ugly but very confortable Birkenstock.

In this Corvette 56, the dream.

Around this guy.

In this pair of Alden, the favorites of Humphrey Boggart.

In vinyls forever.

Inside these bottles of wine.

Near this little finger.

In Sir Paul Smith.

During the lives of this famous band.

On this cap, you see what I mean..

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