novembre 14, 2013

In a small village named Bevagna in Umbria.
I traveled through this beautiful italian region after reading an interview of the famous and well respected designer Brunello Cucinelli.
This man, who is a kind of patron of arts in Umbria, said that the best delicatessen in the world is in Bevagna and it's named Da Tagliavento.
I decided to take a car and go there to understand that the designer was right.
The boss of Da Tagliavento made all his products in the old fashion way (often the best), put them in some hay paper to age it and cut them only by knife to keep these little imperfections that give the taste.

During the week-end, the owner of Da Tagliavento opens his restaurant named Scottadito and once again, he killed me.
I begin with a plate of pastas, absolutely delicious and I took the speciality, the 2.5lb fiorentine steak prepared in the chimney. Definitely the best meat I ever had just after Jacobs & co.
Take this with a red wine from Montefalco and you are in paradise.

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