avril 24, 2013

I'm a huge fan of One Piece, this japanese manga written by the genius Eiichiro Oda 
which is the most sold in the world.
Last year I was looking at a Nigel Cabourn collection and I saw this short with a ''clouds camo pattern'' and it reminds me something in One Piece, the police patrol of Skypiea, an island in the sky (you will note the excellent idea of making a clouds camo pattern for them). 

Just after, I saw this funny shirt made by Gitman Vintage, so I decided to make a special post about the style in the manga One Piece.

Here is Luffy, the main character. 
He is wearing a waistcoat and a strawberry hat that he and his friend Shanks
 bought a long time ago at 45rpm,
 one of the best japanese brand (that we don't see that much on blogs etc...).

Sanji is the very stylish cooker of the band. 
He always wearing a double breasted jacket that he found at John Sheep
a Drakes tie and a vintage french striped shirt 
that he bought online at Le Magasin Général.

Tony Tony Chopper is the doctor. He is wearing this Patagonia jacket 
and an Hershel backpack for his medics.

Nami is the navigator of the Thousand Sunny boat.
She is wearing a classical nautical jersey from Armor Lux and an horrible swimsuit designed
by Nick Wooster for Orlebar Brown.
She also has a old school marine tattoo of the specialist Sailor Roman.

Brook is the musician of the pirate crew. He is wearing these colored sunglasses that 
he found during a trip to London at The Other Side Of The Pillow and this ugly vest that he stole 
to Mark McNairy's daughter.

Ussop is always wearing his good old Carhartt overalls and Redwing Pecos boots. 
He also stole a YSL "capeline" by Hedi Slimane that he completely destroyed.

Roronoa Zoro is an epeeist with green colored hair. 
He never quit his Merz B. Schwanen henley and his earings from House of Waris.

Robin is wearing a pair of Shuron sunglasses that she painted in pink
and a really nice white shirt from Marchand Drapier.

To finish, Franky is a cyborg obsessed by the american culture.
He bought an expensive rayon hawaiian shirt at Sun Surf and wears 
vintage sunglasses that he bought with Brook at The Other Side Of The Pillow.

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