janvier 16, 2013

In the japanese denim brand named Momotaro.
Momotaro means "Peach Boy", it's a famous japan myth. 
The denim is woven on traditional shuttle loom made in England in 1755. It provides the "peach colored selvage line". 
There are four labels that I'm going to briefly describe to you. All of these labels are like the manager loves to repeat "made by hand without compromise".

Here is the Gold Label, one of the most expensive pair of jeans in the world (about 1000$). 
This is not my favorite, I think it's not rough enough for a jean.
Natural indigo dyed fabrics.
Hand woven on two vintage looms unique in the world (1meter each day with Zimbabwe cotton).
Fermentation of indigo with saké.
Silver buttons and rivets.
Patch sewn by hand.

Here is the Going To War Label.
Nice fit but I'm not a huge fan of these two samurai stripes in the right back pocket which means "number one in Japan".
Zimbabwe cotton of course.
The hairy top is burned off with fire.
Special method to avoid twisted legs.
One wash finish.

Lot 0905SP

Here is the Copper Label.
Zimbabwe cotton for a wool like feel.
Peach tobacco stitched.
Natural indigo pockets and back yoke with special design.

Here is the Vintage Label.
This is my favorite one, I bought last week a 0201 and I'm very satisfied.
 The most traditional and the most roughest with 15,7oz of untreated denim.
Shrink to fit, be careful it lose 2" after washing and take 1" after wearing.
Deep shades appears after wearing.
Lot 0201 - Low rise, slightly tapered, slim line.
Lot 0701 - Low rise, slim leg, straight.
Lot 0901- Slightly tapered, classic straight.

Thanks Tenue de Nîmes for these informations.
Here is a video where you can learn more about this incredible brand.

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  1. Great Post! Where did you purchase the vintage label?

  2. Rakuten japan ! You can actually find one for 200E shipping included (about 300e everywhere else) !

  3. Il y avait un doc sur le denim la semaine dernière sur Arte+7: Momotaro y tenait une place de choix. Ils n'ont pas mentionné Evisu une seule fois par contre...

  4. Est-ce que c'était Planète Bleu ou un truc dans le style?

  5. Yep!