décembre 07, 2012

In this collection of french workers shirts made in France during the 40".
These are classic ones with only three buttons at the top and a long back. It works of course for men but I think it could be also interesting for you girls.
Dimensions are in inches.
First one is from shoulder to shoulder.
Second one is the sleeves.
Third one is the length taken from the neck.
Price is 35€ + shipping (worldwide).
(Click on the pictures to enlarge it).

Shirt 1:  18.9"/23.6"/27.1"

Shirt 2:18.9"/24.8"/28.7"

Shirt 3: 19.7"/21.2"/27.5"

Shirt 4: 19.7"/24"/27.5"

Shirt 5: 20.5"/21.2"/27.1"

Shirt 6: 16.9"/23.6"/30.7"

Shirt 7: 20.8"/23.2"/28.3" 

Shirt 8: 19.6"/22.8"/27.1"

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