octobre 10, 2012

Here is a little selection of what you can find and what you will find in the online vintage shop 
I launched this shop with my friend Hicham one year ago and it works very well. 
(Don't hesitate to shoot me an email at contactlemagasingeneral@gmail.com if you need other pictures or any informations concerning the sizing. We accept paypal and we ship internationally).
I hope you will like it.

Wilson varsity jacket / GH Bass / Butterfly knife.

LAS Sneakers with wedge heels.

Purple worker's jacket.

Reversible hawaiian bucket hat / Ray-Ban / Polaroid SX-70 land camera.

Barbour camel shirt.

Lee sanforized vintage cap.

Folding african hat with elephant pattern.

Burberry coat / Arny's tie / Brooks Brothers tassel loafers / Dockers pants.

Giorgia boots.

Leather bag.

Original Palladium.

Colored belt made with bones.

Spanish rope sole sandals with wedge heels.

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